We establish critical care services in disadvantaged regions according to internationally recognized standards, focusing on two fields of expertise: firstly, the perioperative care of congenital and acquired heart defects, especially in children (Cardiac Critical Care), and secondly, improving early detection, monitoring and targeted intervention for patients of all ages in life-threatening situations inside and beyond intensive care unit settings (Emergency Critical Care).

In line with our belief that healthcare must be accessible to all without discrimination, our services are basically free of charge; as an independent and charitable foundation, ROBINAID is not bound by commercial interests.

Are you aware that …

about 90 % of the world`s children suffering on congenital or rheumatic heart disease do not have access to proper care

about 80 % of the world’s population doesn’t have timely access to life-saving emergency and critical care services

about 66 % of the world’s population doesn’t even have access to basic surgery and safe anesthesia

Anja Reschke


„Being a mother, I know what a privilege it is that my children grow up safe, without fear. And being a journalist I know that children in many countries are the first victims of poverty, illness, war, terror, and expulsion. This is why I am committed to humanitarian aid as an Ambassador of ROBINAID.“ read more

Hinnerk Schönemann

botschafter_schoenemann1“I have a wonderful and perfect life and I would like to share some of it. Maybe I can contribute to create awareness for people and especially children in need.“ read more

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