Our Vision

IMG_3332 At Jubilee Academy, we strive to create educated, productive citizens who have exchanged bondage for freedom in Christ, in the hopes that these individuals will be the firm foundation for future generations, according to God’s word.

The Trumpeted Call

Heartworks Ministry, from which Jubilee Academy was born, grew out of one woman’s desire to positively impact the lives of minority children in our community. After years of struggling to make a difference as an inner-city school teacher, Sandee Hensley had a breakthrough with one student, Todd McClinton. By cultivating a close relationship with Todd and his family, she discovered that the challenges of academic success are directly linked to family involvement, expectations, and support.

In 1998, using her personal income, Sandee opened Heartworks Ministry, Inc. in a small home in one of Columbia’s poorest neighborhoods. This home served as a refuge for neighborhood children both after school and during the summer months.

Eventually, Sandee realized that after-school programs were not enough to compensate for what these children lacked in their home lives. The solution was to form a year-round, full time, Christian, independent school that would work with children, their families, and the community to reshape the lives of youth in poverty-stricken areas of Columbia.

Cultivating Seeds of Promise

Jubilee Academy (named for the Year of Jubilee in Leviticus 25) completed its first academic year in 2007. We have served more than 20 families from areas in Columbia zoned for schools found on “The Worst 25 Schools in the Nation.” In 2009, Jubilee was awarded accreditation by the South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA). Academic coursework is supplemented with arts education, physical training, life skills coaching, and religious instruction to develop the whole child. Our goal is to provide a supportive and nurturing educational environment that extends beyond the classroom, including intentional parent and family programming.

Heralding Your Generosity

It is only through the generosity of others that Jubilee Academy can continue to provide a safe haven where children are taught core values and confidence-building life skills in a Bible-based, safe environment.

Donations are tax deductible and can be made as monthly or annual contributions, memorials, or as corporate gifts.

Volunteering is also critical to our success. We cannot put a price on your time and expertise, which are always appreciated by our staff and students.

Simply contact our office (803-787-3009) or visit us online at www.JubileeAcademysc.org today to learn how you can change the life of a child through the work of Jubilee Academy.